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Non-clonable optical authentication for FinTech applications

EU Ita Lazio FESR

Optical and electronic PUF authentication

The project develops and implements an identification system for smart devices based on the use of optical physical unclonable functions (PUF). A PUF is a physical entity that has characteristics of randomness and irreproducibility like a “digital fingerprint” and is used in the processes of identification, authentication and security.

The AUTENTICO project develops an innovative system based on a polarization pattern on thin film, identifying and not clonable, to be applied to the lenses for the authentication of mobile phones, tablets, webcams.

The combined use of the polarization PUF, with the electronic one of the camera sensor, provides an unassailable level of safety. The possibility of identifying a device, and not a person, in banking and techno-finance (FinTech) operations is studied in relation to existing legal regulations and regulations relating to privacy.

Information about the project

AUTENTICations unclonable Optics for technofinance applications.

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Funded by: Lazio Innova

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Project Budget: €147,833

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  • Universitas Mercatorum
  • Università Roma Tre

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